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Anna Feller
Artist Statement

I recreate what I see and paint the magic of simplicity around.

I begin to paint from large areas, quickly and abundantly covering the space of the painting with a color that at the moment reflects my feelings and this is always a celebration for the soul, gradually sculpting and pulling recognizable objects to the surface, using both dark saturated and bright, clean, dazzling colors. It is the beauty of color and the attempt to capture light that is the essence of my images.

I strive to create paintings with vibrant color combinations. Strong strokes, lines, composition, emotion and energy.


The artist gives the viewer the opportunity to share with her the excitement and joy in front of the radiance and beauty of nature. The viewer becomes a part and co-author of the picture on an emotional level. Through the prism of color, the plasticity of forms, and the play of light, the artist immerses the viewer in the magic of simplicity around her.

She works in different materials but always returns to the pastel technique, which has earned the artist's love from the first box given by her parents in childhood.
Working at the easel is the artist's everyday reality, which is the meaning of her life and makes her happy.

Anna Valshchikova. Born in Topki, Kemerovo Region, in 1977.

1989 - 1992 She studied at the School of Arts in Novosibirsk.
1992 - 1994 Studying at the Art Lyceum at the KhGF NGPU.
1995 - 2000 Studying at the art and graphic faculty of the Novosibirsk Pedagogical University, defending the diploma with the praise of the commission from Professor Popov I.I.
Since 2000 - worked in the printing industry.
2020 - joining the Creative Union of Artists of the Russian Federation

The main genre is easel painting

Works are in private collections in Europe, USA, Canada.


2021 - On a visit to the master-Novosibirsk-Russia
2020 - First Christmas Watercolor Festival "Russian Winter" Novosibirsk-Russia
2020 - III Siberian Salon Watercolors "WORLD OF AMAZONIA" Novosibirsk-Russia
2020 - III Biennale "Modern watercolor" Alushta, Crimea
2020 - First International Watercolor Biennial in Poland. Gallery of the international educational center for watercolors Palac Lucia IWS. Poland
2020 - Exhibition of Russian watercolor artists. Iws Sare Gallery Moscow-Russia
2020 - Online exhibition-competition NSP-2020. New reality
2020 - 3rd Exhibition NATIONAL PASTEL SOCIETY Moscow-Russia
2019 - All-Russian reporting exhibition of applicants for membership in the Union of Pastelists - Moscow-Russia
2019 - The second watercolor Salon "Reflection" - Novosibirsk-Russia
2019 - Exhibition "Dreams Come True" - Novosibirsk-Russia
2019 - Exhibition "PRESENTATION OF SPRING" - Novosibirsk-Russia
2017 - Exhibition “Final Reporting Exhibition of Art School Works. Novosibirsk Regional Russian-German House "- Novosibirsk-Russia
1999 - Exhibition "Homework" - Novosibirsk-Russia
1997 - Exhibition "Siberian plein air" - Novosibirsk-Russia